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Protect your Firefox passwords

One of Firefox's most features is its ability to save the passwords you use to log on to web sites - like your webmail and online banking - so you don't have to type them in every time. Those saved passwords appear as asterisks in the password field, but did you know how easy it is to see what they are?

Now consider how easy it would be for your housemate to log onto your Gmail, or the computer-sharing temp at the office to get into your checking account or your other half to discover all your pr0n site logins. Not such a great feature anymore, eh?

How you can see your Firefox passwords:

1. Start Mozilla Firefox
2. Click to Tools
3. Select Option
4. Go to Security Tab
5. Click to "Saved Passwords" button
6. On the Saved password window clik to "Show Passwords" button
Yes, there they are, all the websites with logon name and high security passwords.

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